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Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare provides full time and part time child care and preschool for children 3 months of age through the start of kindergarten. I have earned my AA degree in Early Childhood Education. I believe my job as an educator is to promote competence in young children. A competent child will have the “ I can do it” attitude. I teach this valuable skill by allowing children to have hands on experiences. The children are exposed to a variety of activities. Painting, coloring, cutting and drawing supports their creativity and fine motor development. Learning letters, singing rhythms, and being read to develops their mind cognitively and prepares them for literacy. Daily calendar and circle time teaches the children about group and social activities. Emotional growth and empathy is developed over time as children interact together. Physical activity is equally important for the development of young children. Playing outdoors allows children to run, jump, climb and ride tricycles all which develops their large motor skills. The foundation for all development is proper nutrition. Children are fed wholesome real food. Processed and packaged foods are not served at Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare. Organic milk is served with breakfast and lunch; in addition to organic fresh fruits and vegetables. We serve vegetables from our own garden and the local farmer’s market. Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare is a television free environment.