My name is Deborah Bishop I am the owner and head teacher of Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare. I have been a licensed childcare provider since 1994. I have consistently made improvements to Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare to reach its maximum potential for your children. I run a large family childcare, licensed to care for up to 14 children. I have two wonderful part time assistants, providing me with assistance throughout the day.

Proper nutrition is the foundation for health. Children are no exception and must be taught the importance of, and served,healthy nutritious food on a continual basis. I do not serve processed foods in the children’s diet. Children at Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare are served fresh organic fruits,organic vegetables, whole grains and low fat meats and cheese, many of which are organic. See Organic Foods  in the menu for a complete list.

Offering outstanding quality care begins with current knowledge of child development. In 2011 I returned to school, enrolling at Chabot College’s Early Childhood Development Program. I have my Associates degree, in Early Childhood Development and a Teacher Permit. These courses have inspired me. Positive early childhood programs have tremendous long term benefits for children. My program facilitates physical, creative, cognitive, social and emotional growth. My curriculum and environment are established for the children. Children grow and learn at different rates. I teach children what is developmentally appropriate for them.

I completed a two year program with First Five, Quality County Grant Program. From September of 2011 to September 2013 a mentor was assigned to me. My mentor assisted me with improvements to my childcare. Improvements included physical items to enhance the physical environment, but more importantly, focusing on my program to strengthen the social, emotional, cognitive and creative growth for the children. Our art projects and curriculum are process oriented for the children. I focus on how the children will experience and learn from the projects, not the outcome.

I have completed both Toddler and Preschool CLASS videos. CLASS is an online tool used to strengthen child-teacher interactions. The course supported having a positive climate, teacher sensitivity, regard for student perspectives, behavior management, productivity for the children, concept development, proper feedback when speaking with the children, language modeling and focus on literacy. CLASS strengthened my interactions with the children.

My 24 years of practical experience and education gives me the knowledge to love, care for and educate your child in your absence.