Exceptional Nutrition

When your child is being cared for at Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare you can be guaranteed that they are receiving the finest quality nutrition for their growing bodies and minds. Serving healthy and nutritious whole food needs to begin at an early age, which is why I serve fresh organic produce and whole grain foods. Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare is enrolled and exceeds the standards set for the California Child Health and Nutrition Program (CCHNP). Two meals and a snack are served daily.

Studies have shown that it may take children as many as 15 separate exposures of a new food before they will try it, which is why we offer a variety of foods on a continual basis, so over time children will learn to eat and enjoy healthy alternatives. I know that good nutrition is critical to your child’s proper development.

Meals are served family style. Around two years of age children are encouraged to learn to serve their own plates and pass the food to the next person. Serving meals family style promotes independance, table manners, language at the table and fine motor development while serving.

Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare does not serve processed meats, white bread, prepackaged meals, sugared juice, sugared yogurts, pork or beef. Whole food alternatives are prepared daily. Organic milk is served with breakfast and lunch. ( See sample menu )

I support all cultural and religious food preferences. If your child has specific dietary needs please discuss them with me. If I am unable to accommodate your child’s dietary needs a lunch from home is welcomed. We will reheat as needed.

Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare also encourages healthy eating through backyard gardening. We have been accepted by City Slickers, a two year garden grant program that teaches gardening skills. The children learn the importance of gardening and eating from our harvest. Our goal is to be educated and sustainable gardeners after to the two year period.