When I needed to return to work when my daughter Nicole was only 3 years old, I was scared to leave her with just anybody. Debbie was not just a daycare provider to my daughter, she wound up being our savior. As my daughter is hearing disabled, Debbie helped us get into a speech pathologist when Nicole was only in pre-school, which helped her get help with her speech before we enrolled her in kindergarten. Nicole is now 21, and she still tells me how much she loved growing up with Debbie, and still remembers her field trips and her walks to the park for exercise. Debbie was so much more than just daycare. She changed my daughter’s life and I will always be grateful to her!

Gina Correia


“Our son Mitchell has been going to Debbie’s Daycare & Preschool since he was four months old. We were really attracted to the personal care that Debbie was able to offer us, and working with her has been an extremely positive experience. She’s been flexible with all of our schedule needs, and she’s been very supportive of feeding breast milk to Mitchell. We really appreciate that Debbie treats the daycare like preschool. The children are constantly engaged in reading, singing songs, doing arts and crafts, and other educational activities. She really focuses on developing their social skills and manners, and the menus for meals and snacks are extremely health-conscious. After a while, dropping Mitchell off at Debbie’s began to feel like dropping him off with family, and we’d love for him to keep going there until it’s time for him to attend school.

Jody and Stephen Connolly


Choosing a childcare provider is not an easy decision for parents, especially a brand new mom!  Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare provides more than just daycare – it’s a home away from home for kids of all ages.  My son is a shining example of a well-rounded, smart, happy, healthy teenager, and I owe it in large part to his early years with Debbie and her team. I knew in my first conversation that Debbie was more than just a babysitter…she provides the attention, affection, nourishment, education and protection you need for your child(ren) when they’re not in your care.  My son attended Debbie’s for five fabulous years, starting at age 5 months, and I can’t give her team enough credit for supplying us all with the stability and routine that is so important to young kids. It’s impossible to express our gratitude in words, but we will *forever* cherish the time we spent at Debbie’s Preschool and Childcare!!

Steve & Nikki Davis

October 2010-August 2014

My older son has been going to Debbie’s Preschool and Childcare since he was 3 years old and my younger one since he was 2 years old. Both my kids enjoy and look forward to going to childcare every day and that assures me of how happy they are in Debbie’s care. Debbie’s childcare is a warm and inviting place run by a  very efficient staff. She provides homemade food which is made from natural and/or organic ingredients. She treats all children with respect and encourages them to do the same. The kids are engaged in creative and educational programs each day. My older son is enrolled in the after school program and she helps him with his school homework too. She arranges for special summer programs include field trips which my kids are always excited about. She is a thorough professional and a very kind and loving person. I would highly recommend her Childcare and Preschool.

-Sheetal Kapil

June 2008 to August 2014

I have had the pleasure of knowing Debbie and utilizing Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare for 6 years now. We have sent both of our children through her program, (our youngest is still in her care).

I cannot say enough about Debbie’s curriculum and her approach to child development, (both socially as well as academically). As a result of Debbie’s academic curriculum, not only did our daughter enter kindergarten reading at a 1st grade level, but she left Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare with a true desire to read on her own. In my opinion, a child’s development is best when there is an appreciation of what is being taught. I attribute a large part of my daughter’s confidence, as well as her eagerness to explore new things, to Debbie’s “fun” and engaging approach of introducing reading, writing, exploring, social interactions, etc. to the children in her care.

Our son is three years old and still enrolled at Debbie’s Preschool & Childcare. He too is reaping the benefits of her curriculum and continues to surprise us on a daily basis. He is learning to write his alphabet, his numbers and “pretending” to read just like his big sister. The important thing: He has a desire to learn and looks forward to seeing Debbie each day.

I would highly recommend Debbie’s Preschool and Childcare.

Brett Starczewski

July 2013-present

Our daughter Lyla has been going to Debbie’s since she was four months old.  From the moment we met Debbie, we’ve been impressed with her attention to child development and the genuine care she provides. Only in her 11th month we’re amazed at how Lyla functions in social settings, and we have to credit the environment that Debbie has created at her school. I’m always impressed at the level of care and interaction that all the children show our infant. Not only does she help us drive our daughter’s development, but she also fosters our growth as parents. She provides meaningful feedback on Lyla’s daily activity and constantly checks in with us on how she does at home. She’s been an amazing partner for us and everyday we drop Lyla off, we go to work knowing that our child is being loved and cared for as if she were with family.

Christoper & Lisa Midel

November 2013- February 2016

We started Shachar at Debbie’s at 11 months, and regret not starting him even sooner! We love it here and most important he loves it! We appreciate Debbie’s warmth and nurturing approach that allowed Shachar to come out of his shell and develop close relationships with everyone at day care, including Debbie’s sons… I appreciate Debbie’s attention to details, working closely with us to deliver the best care for our son, her mindfulness regarding nutrition, and handling his sesame allergy. Since we speak Hebrew at home, Shachar learned it first. Debbie took the time and effort to memorize quite a lengthy list of Hebrew words to help him communicate with everyone at preschool (and for that I am very grateful). That has made a huge difference for Shachar and actually just this week she shared with me that some of the other children are picking up on some Hebrew! I warmly recommend this day care to you, as I have to my friends.



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